Specialists in end protection and sheets for transport

Fellingsbro Kartong AB are specialists in inner pads and anti-slip-treated outer pads for packaging of various types of paper on a roll – everything from cardboard and sacks to newspaper and baking paper.

We also manufacture other types of special solutions, such as dividersheet for storage or transport.

Customised dimensions from 450 to 1,850 mm

The outer pads are coated with friction protection according to the customer’s specification and manufactured in basis weights from 175 up to 280 grams. Inner pads of solid cardboard are manufactured in basis weights from 135 to 1,025 grams. Both with diameters ranging from 450 to 1,850 mm. Every order is tested in our laboratory, where we measure roughness or, more specifically, friction value. The tests are documented to provide traceability for every pallet.

We also manufacture special products from paper and cardboard. This could be, for example, our made-to-measure sheets for protecting fragile products in storage or transport.